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Welcome to Pro-Activity Associates

When you've had the courage to set a goal that seemed out of reach.... When you've pushed your mind, body and spirit to their absolute limit.... When you've called in every favor, carried the weight of the world and made sacrifices that most would say are unthinkable... When you've done all that and still gotten it done, THEN you've achieved. It was deliberate, there is a science to it...We can help. Pro-Activity is a “human achievement” company focused on providing clients the information and coaching required to meet and exceed their performance goals.  By leveraging our internally developed health and human achievement system, one that combines the elements of MOVE-FUEL-RECOVER-ENDURE-CONNECT, we consult with individuals, teams, community groups, and employers.  Whether at work or play, Pro-Activity believes there are no extraordinary people, only people who do extraordinary things. We look forward to connecting with you on our mission to build stronger, happier people through better health.

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Human Elements

With health and wellness services provided to both individuals and employers, Pro-Activity utilizes five simple “Elements” to ensure clients thrive in their endeavors: Learn all about  Pro-Activity and our 5 key Elements.

Our team of experts

Our team has been working 15+ years in physical therapy, prevention, health & fitness, performance training and healthy eating and are equipped to provide you with the necessary knowledge and support to help you achieve your goals. Meet the people behind Pro-Activity Associates on our Meet the Team page.

Our Core Values

We believe that family sits at the center of personal health. Our families influence what we do, how we act and who we ultimately become. We will treat every customer as a valued member of our family of athletes and clients.
We believe in our abilities and strive to empower ourselves with the freedom and flexibility necessary to follow personal and professional aspirations without burden. We will work tirelessly to help our customers achieve the freedom that comes with health and the achievement of their goals.
It takes initiative and creativity to think differently. It takes courage and effort to act differently. It takes both to deliver consistently excellent results. We will push beyond the status quo, provide innovative solutions in order to get results, and stand on the horizon looking out; we will lead.
We believe that trust is at the heart of every successful relationship, personal and professional alike. We will deliver the highest quality service-experience and pursue all endeavors with unwavering ethical standards.

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