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With health and wellness services provided to both individuals and employers, Pro-Activity utilizes five simple "Elements" to ensure clients thrive in their endeavors:


MOVE: The human body is one of the most marvelous and resilient "machines" ever designed....and it was built to MOVE! Almost every human function requires movement to work well -- from the way energy is delivered at the cellular level, to the way we turn stress into strength in the form of thicker bones and more powerful muscles. If every 'body' moved enough and did so in the right way, the world would be a stronger, happier place. In the proper dosage, movement is one of the most powerful ways to prevent, treat and ultimately cure disease. Pro-Activity's M360 system is not a "one size fits all" approach. Rather, our team assesses every client's status, discusses their goals and provides a personalized fitness program based on the latest evidence to achieve.

Whether working in a group or one-on-one with a trainer, each member of our family of athletes -- any person who relies on a strong body and confident mind to achieve their life's pursuit -- is coached to MOVE, well.  Let us know when you're ready to MOVE, like a body should.


FUEL: if the body is a "machine", than it requires "fuel" to keep it running -- simple enough. What's amazing is that the human machine can survive on just about anything we put in the tank; good fuel, junk fuel, it is incredibly resourceful and adaptable; it seems to find a way. The tricky part is that there is a huge difference between "survive" and "thrive" and the machine needs the highest octane fuel (high quality nutrition) if we want it to thrive. The research is both fascinating and extensive...it clearly shows that quality nutrition helps us to grow stronger and live happier.  We think everyone should experience the benefits of good fuel, we exist to make it easier.

Pro-Activity's "Fuel Good Cafe" is open to the public and the team that's behind the Fuel Good is here to serve you, your family, and your colleagues with wholesome offerings that will ensure you're prepared to get the most out of your day...by getting the most out of yourself. We are committed to changing lives through better fuel, no matter where you are staring from.


RECOVER: You work hard.  You play hard. Day in and day out....and if you're anything like us, you just expect that when your feet hit the ground every morning, they will be ready to run another leg of life's race. But, when we consider that movement-related pain syndromes are some of the most common and disabling types of health setbacks globally each year, we know that this is not always going to happen. Recovery from the toll of the daily race is an absolute key if we hope to live long and healthy lives. Unwinding the overused parts of the system and stimulating the underused ones ensures that we will get the most out of our rest. Knowing when to push and when to pull back ensures we are training to perform but not to burn out. Being able to navigate the sometimes subtle line between something that "hurts" and something that is "harmful" takes knowledge and skill.  

Led by Physical Therapists and leveraging experience gained from decades of practice and thousands of client interactions, we are ready to help you RECOVER when you need to or help you design a plan so you can avoid that day altogether.


ENDURE:  Life is hard. It takes energy to be "in pursuit" and effort to achieve. So in that sense, a life without much challenge is a life without much growth. Living the best version of ourselves never comes easy, and those who get the closest understand that the endurance to keep pushing forward is steadily built, challenge by challenge and layer by layer.  The will to keep pushing forward toward a long-term goal when everything (and sometimes everyone) seems to be urging you to stop is one of the qualities that separates the achievers from the dreamers....and it's both a mind "thing" and a body "thing". 

The Pro-Activity team believes that those who ENDURE ultimately achieve. Since 2010, Pro-Activity has provided in-person and remote coaching for individuals and groups who are pursuing long term goals and looking for the skills and tools required to achieve them.

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CONNECT:  The evidence is resounding and clear, the environment you're in has a major impact on you. If you are surrounded by great people in a healthy environment, you are more far more likely to achieve great things. In 2011, Pro-Activity endeavored to create and foster such an environment when it centralized it's operation and opened "BaseCamp 31", a community-focused health and achievement facility where like-minded individuals gather to plan, set out and celebrate the adventures of their respective health journeys. BaseCamp 31 was designed to be a place where adventurers can put all 5 ELEMENTS together and benefit from the experience of connecting with others who are doing the same.

Whether your focus is MOVE, FUEL, RECOVER, ENDURE, CONNECT or all of the above, when the right tools are used in the right environment, you might amaze yourself with exactly how strong and happy you can be. When you're ready to benefit from a healthy environment made up of healthy community, we hope you'll stop by.