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Welcome to the Pro-Activity Metabolic Coaching Program

Get started now! Follow steps 1, 2 & 3 to enroll in the program.

Additional program information, pricing, and other resources can be found in  Program Resources.

1. Enroll Today!

Step 1: Complete the on-line enrollment form and participation waiver. This will open the conversation and initiate a contact from our Coaching Crew via text and email.

2. Lifestyle Quiz

Step 2: This brief survey is designed to provide a background of your behaviors and readiness for our coaches.  Our program is comprehensive and insight into your current lifestyle will help us develop a personal plan that is most effective.

3. Set Your Goals

Step 3: Using this form, create your goal for the program.  How will you and your coach know you are successful?  Support for writing goals is available here and your coach will be reviewing your goals with you once submitted. Once you complete the Lifestyle Quiz, the system will prompt you to set goals.

View the iSMART goal setting video for ideas on how to ensure a good goal

Lifestyle changes are the first line of defense recommended by healthcare practitioners and backed by current evidence.  However, often there is a disconnect between knowing where to start and knowing how to begin.

For the last decade, Pro-Activity's team has been implementing outcomes-driven programs within the corporate sector to manage risk factors, chronic diseases, and metabolic syndromes, through proper fueling (nutrition) and active lifestyle.  It's time to bring things local!