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At Pro-Activity, we understand first hand how MusculoSkeletal Disorders change lives - we've spent years treating them. It's simple really - like many mechanical systems, the body can perform amazing functions when it's well maintained and working correctly.  The only catch - the owner's manual is always changing. Our specialists can help you keep your organization functioning at its best, by keeping workers functioning at their best.

Pro-Activity Prevention Services

Risk Analysis Following injury-record research, employee and supervisor interview, observation and hands-on work simulation, Pro-Activity’s work-injury prevention consultants provide a series of in-depth reports on existing risks in the client’s workplace and recommendations for company wide risk-reduction. This step is crucial as it is the foundation on which the prevention plan is formed .
Education has been proven to be a highly effective means of Primary prevention by increasing awareness, overall employee knowledge and decreasing work-practice risks; which lower productivity and increase the likelihood of lost-time claims. Pro-Activity consultants have trained and educated thousands of employees, supervisors and managers over the last five years.
The key to behavior-based training intervention is without question the trainer’s ability to motivate each employee to first think safe and then, even more importantly, ACT safe. It is here that Pro-Activity truly separates itself from the competition. Our consultants have been labeled as energetic, go-the-extra-mile trainers, who are known for fast-paced , high-energy presentations, which incorporate dynamic and interactive presentation tactics with solid need-to-know information. It is our mission in this regard to provide the client with an unwavering commitment to facilitate a safe culture, not just disseminate information.
Pro-Activity’s consultants are certified to conduct evidenced based impairment screens, full evaluations and full-length functional capacity examinations to assess an employee’s ability to safely perform work duties. This service provides an extreme value to our business partners as early warning signs are professionally interpreted and costly injuries are prevented. Pro-Activity’s MSD Mini-Clinic is one of our Secondary prevention services.
It is essential that WMSDs be correctly diagnosed and effectively treated to ensure timely recovery and return to work for the injured employee, thus avoiding the most costly (chronic) injuries. Pro-Activity IPS consultants are able to provide the most effective treatment, as they spend time researching specific job tasks to deeply familiarize themselves with the requirements of the work. Our On-Site Clinic is available to the client company to provide a fast, efficient means of injury management and return to work, while keeping overall worker’s compensation and insurance premiums down.
Lifestyle changes are the first line of defense recommended by healthcare practitioners and backed by current evidence. However, often there is a disconnect between knowing where to start and knowing how to begin. For the last decade, Pro-Activity’s team has been implementing outcomes-driven programs within the corporate sector to manage risk factors, chronic diseases, and metabolic syndromes, through proper fueling (nutrition) and active lifestyle. Learn more...