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This is so much more than therapy…

At Pro-Activity we understand that the body, like all machines, requires maintenance and care. Many times this can be done with a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise. But...there are times when the system breaks down — and requires the skills of a professional to facilitate repair and recovery in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.The truth is YOU ARE AN ATHLETE and life as we know it depends on our ability to balance our body's "movement" system, ensuring proper recovery strategies are in place, for optimal function. Pro-Activity employs a service oriented physical rehabilitation approach, levering nearly 50 years of combined therapy experience to provide you and your loved ones with the most cutting edge therapies available, as held by today’s research standards.

Our Services

Physical therapy is a combination of science and art that utilizes a variety of procedures to restore function to the body, reduce pain and help prevent future injury.

When daily life is altered due to an injury, accident, chronic medical condition or re-injury, we are here to work with you and help put your life back on course.

At Pro-Activity, we utilize a variety of evidence-based treatments, postural education, therapeutic exercise, and various modalities to help patients of all ages achieve their maximum level of physical mobility and function. Evaluation and treatment services are available on an outpatient basis for a variety of injuries and illnesses, including work-related injuries, sports injuries, and post-surgical care. Physical therapy includes patient and family education regarding diagnosis, recovery and injury prevention. Sessions are scheduled by appointment and are available Monday – Friday from 8am – 7pm. While we accept most major insurance, we also provide a variety of different models to ensure we keep first things first: your care! Call for more information or to schedule an appointment at 908-730-6640 ext. 202. Or, if you prefer, you may contact us using our secure, online contact form .
Pro-Activity’s running gait analysis is an injury prevention and enhancement service. Due to the repetitive nature of running, overuse and repetitive strain injuries are common. Many of these injuries can be avoided if faulty biomechanics and dysfunctional movement patterns are identified and treated. The one-hour analysis includes a biomechanical evaluation, a slow-motion video analysis, results review and exercises to correct your mechanical faults and work towards improved efficiency with your running gait. Cost is $150. Learn more...
Lifestyle changes are the first line of defense recommended by healthcare practitioners and backed by current evidence. However, often there is a disconnect between knowing where to start and knowing how to begin. For the last decade, Pro-Activity’s team has been implementing outcomes-driven programs within the corporate sector to manage risk factors, chronic diseases, and metabolic syndromes, through proper fueling (nutrition) and active lifestyle. Learn more...

The Pro-Activity Advantage

What people are saying...

A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE….At Pro-Activity, we strive to create the sort of environment that people want to keep coming back to: experienced personal trainers, physical therapists and coaches are all here for guidance and encouragement, and fellow teammates pushing one another.  No matter what your path, this atmosphere is central to the experience. Come to a place where you’ll work out with your friends, and where so many are invested in your success.  After all, we consider you part of the family.

What People Are Saying..."The collaboration between North Hunterdon High School Volleyball and Pro-Activity has been an integral part of our success this season. Pro-Activity's sports specific training helped to physically strengthen and mentally prepare our athletes. The energy and encouragement of the instructors created an exciting and motivating environment. Their efforts, however, didn't end at the completion of a workout. Pro-Activity promotes and teaches healthy, smart nutritional habits to highlight the fact that a well fueled body is as much of a component in an athlete's performance as training. Pro-Activity also emphasizes the concept of being part of a team, a Pro-Activity team; they are there to support you in training, competition, the celebration of victory and the agony of defeat. There is no better place to gain a winning edge than Pro-Activity."
-Kirk Hissner, Head Coach North Hunterdon Varsity Volleyball
"Pro-Activity - I ACTUALLY don't think I could have done 2012 without you! You will always been my friends, but forever be my family. Thank you for supporting and sharing this dream with me"
-Julie Culley, 2012 USA Olympian, Women's 5000m

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