Work is at the heart of who we are

Work is at the heart of who we are. It not only “pays the bills” and “puts food on the table”, but for most, it represents a place we spend a good portion of our lives, a group of people that become our modern “tribes” and ultimately a foundational leg of our journey in the legacy we leave to those that come after us. Our ability to accomplish meaningful work hinges on our health. From stress to pain to disease and from the personal impact to the bankrupting effect on the bottom line, if we are not able to fully engage at work, everyone that depends on it suffers. Employee health therefore represents one of the single greatest threats AND opportunities that businesses have for achievement.


Pro-Activity’s Prevention Services Group has been partnering with employers & labor groups to implement workplace systems and health-facing solutions since 1999. Our award winning team and the process they have developed not only restores the personal freedom that comes with health, but recaptures a significant portion of the growing but largely preventable loss that employees and employers are spending each year.

Health is an assett. The health of your employees is an asset to be managed. Healthier teams are higher performing teams. Invest in this asset, and the benefits will come full circle. 

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