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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Mastering the basics for a foundation of success

While browsing through social media it is common to see exercises and programs for improved performance showcasing “flashy” exercises using all types of equipment and movements. It has me wonder, is that what many believe it takes to succeed in their athletic endeavors? With the NBA season looming my mind wandered to Tim Duncan coined “The Big Fundamental” and this being the first season since 1997 without him. He seems to represent a lost approach, something not seen since Hoosiers (If you haven’t seen this movie go watch it). Doing all the basics well, the things you work on just starting out but may lose touch with over time. In a world where appearing to have the next best exercise, or the new model approach I can’t help but wonder, is the desire to master the basics lost?

Being a Strength and Conditioning Coach, how does this relate to my field? On the surface, it may look like a mimicking your sport activity while balancing on a BOSU ball strapped up to a band for resistance will translate to improved performance, but is this the first thing a young, or any athlete should complete for training? Popular media may have you believe so and you may even see your favorite professional doing something similar. What you don’t see is what is happening beyond that 30 second clip. The fundamentals most would consider boring, or that wouldn’t generate enough likes.

So what are the fundamentals? The human body is required to complete a plethora of tasks and the fundamentals can be found in each of those areas. First comes fitness(cardiovascular system), do you have the engine to perform and #RECOVER from the demands of your sport or activity, whether they be the long duration activity of running a marathon, or the short spurts of intensity of each play on the football field. Next comes the quality of and ability to #MOVE. Can you squat, lunge, hinge the hips, push, pull and carry? Are these movements strong enough to improve resiliency from injury through a season? Will the core stabilize and transmit power through your body? Finally, do you have the technique required to run, sprint, decelerate the body and change directions quickly and efficiently?

The fundamentals carried Tim Duncan to becoming a 5x NBA Champion in a time spanning 3 decades of success. While many others came and went Tim carried that foundation to one of the most successful careers in sport history. While nobody will ever be Tim Duncan, as A Human Achievement Company we believe the fundamentals can build a foundation for your success in any endeavor. Whether your goal is to be the best you can be at your sport, or to stay active for a lifetime we believe we can help you get there.

The most difficult part of anything can be getting started. Your journey is just ONE CLICK, EMAIL or PHONE CALL away.

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