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Strength Training for Runners


Most of us know that strength training is good for us. But, similar to eating our veggies, knowing what's good for us doesn't make doing it any easier. And so, many of us runners tend to neglect strength training. The primary reason is..we're runners. We love running, not resistance training. If we loved pumping iron, we'd be a gym rat instead. Nonetheless, there's plenty of reason to leverage the beneficial effects of strength training to make us injury resilient and even better runners. That's right, lifting weights actually boosts our performance on the road, trail, track, or whatever your preferred running backdrop is.  In my experience, the second biggest barrier to strength training (aside from loving running) is uncertainty. Which exercises are best? How much weight should I use? How many sets and reps should I do? What the heck is a set and a rep? No need to worry, we've got you covered.

Introducing RUN STRONG, a 6-week individualized strengthening program specific for runners. Our team works with you to determine what your primary needs are based on training history, injury history, exercise preferences, available resources, movement quality, and running form to develop a personalized strength program. This can be accomplished virtually if necessary over the comfort and convenience of a phone call. Your strength training program will then be delivered to you via email with accompanying exercise instructions and videos. If you loved running before, you'll really love running strong.  


6 week personalized strength training program


BaseCampRX Subscription

$30 per month

Comprehensive Run Performance Coaching


Comprehensive Run Performance Coaching



$170 per month


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