Bringing health back home.


...and often inconvenient. For the residents of your living community, it doesn't have to be. The personal attention of the "Doctor making house calls" to ensure the community was well cared for doesn't have to be just a nostalgic reflection. As the healthcare world transforms and new models enable health professionals to work directly within their communities, an exciting resurgence of this personalized care is occurring. With the convenience of access to a care-team virtually anywhere at any time, stepping out from behind the sterile doors of a clinical office and back into the places where health actually happens, where people work, live, play and more, is an emerging reality.


Pro-Activity is a team of health professionals who have been delivering care this way for twenty years. Our team includes health educators, Doctors of Physical Therapy, fitness professionals, nutrition consultants and others who have been helping people transform their health and their lives in workplaces and communities since 1998. We believe that with the right information and tools anyone can live the best version of themselves at a very affordable rate. We are excited to bring this approach to your community.


The Community Integrated Health Model includes the following services for less than the cost of a lunch with friends. For $1 per household per month we will bring your community:

  • Monthly Health and Fitness Educational Seminars, with topics chosen based on the unique needs and desires of the community members.

  • Monthly consultation hours with our Doctor of Physical Therapy regarding aches/pains as well as health and fitness programming considerations.

  • Private online information portal with regular health related content.

  • Remote access for virtual consultations outside of regularly scheduled onsite visits.

We believe the way of the future is bringing back the "home visit" of healthcare. Except this time around, we will be dosing out "well-care", not "sick-care". We want to hear your thoughts and feedback! Let us know what you think about this idea, what questions you have, and what we can do to best serve your community.



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