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We are a team of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, committed to bringing the mission of 'stronger, happier people through better health' to life everywhere we go. 'Where we go' can look quite diverse - sometimes it looks like the working environment of the people that make America run, others the inside of a gym or the sideline of a sporting event. Sometimes it involves getting uncomfortable as we pursue our purpose of making a difference in the best way we know how - helping to take down barriers so others can ACHIEVE. Affectionately referred to as our 'band of misfits', our team prides ourselves in following best evidence to understand how the human body functions best, and helping others to experience the benefits of putting that evidence into action.


Workplace injury prevention and health promotion & Population Health

Community-based Health Promotion

Health and fitness coaching (group and individual)

Strength and Conditioning (group and individual)

​Physical Therapy

Health and Fitness Event Management

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We often talk about the value of "going where the people are". In many ways, that is exactly what we do... acknowledging that health doesn't happen inside the walls of a medical office or confined to a specific convenient location, but out in the world where people live, work, play, and gather. Our service territory is frequently adapting and expanding to meet the needs of client demand, so if you are unsure if we serve a particular geographic region, please reach out so we can fill you in! 


At Pro-Activity, we believe the power lies in the strength of our team, and the unique abilities, talents, and interests of every person on it. With one of our core values being FAMILY, we believe that taking care of each other is an important foundation for us to be able to take care of the populations we serve. To get a feel for our 'band of misfits', be sure to check out Season 2 of The Pro-Activity Podcast - the 'People of Pro-Activity' season. We interview members of our team to hear about their path to Pro-Activity, what life experiences they bring to the culture, what lessons they have learned along the way, and more. Start with episode 1 - "The Founders Story" - to the right! You can also check out our Meet the Team page for bios and links to each episode


If you want to follow along in our adventures, check out our @PeopleofProActivity Instagram, follow Pro-Activity on FB, IG, or LinkedIn, or click below to subscribe to a monthly "In the Trenches" newsletter from our friends at the Academy of Prevention & Health Promotion Therapies to stay in the know on all things population health and open opportunities!

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