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A Human Achievement Company

We believe in creating stronger, happier people through better health.


We help active people maximize their health and recover from injury while doing the things that they love at their highest level

Prevention and Treatment

Are you dealing with aches and pains? We help active individuals get back to doing the activities that they love without pain medication, surgeries, or injections. 

Endurance Coaching

Whether you are looking to cross the finish line for the first time, or wanting to set a personal best, we can help get you to your next race healthier and fitter than ever before. 


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PA Ohio is lead by Doctor of Physical Therapy Pat McSweeney with services offered in Central, Southern, and Northern Ohio, including Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

Pat McSweeney
 Pro-Activity Ohio

As a clinically trained Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pat has a huge desire to help people realize
in themselves the resilience and strength of the human body. In his free time, he loves to stay
active in Triathlon, Crossfit and running. Pat’s passion for keeping people healthy has continued
throughout his career and ultimately has led him to complete a Residency program with Pro-

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