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Virtual Am Equestrian Group Fitness Program

WHAT: Weekly virtual group training for amateur/select equestrian athletes, designed as a bridge between PT and fitness. 

WHENTuesdays at 7pm EST / Thursdays at 7am EST

This training program is designed for amateur and select equestrian athletes of all disciplines to serve as a bridge between PT and fitness programming. With programming designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy that specialize in the needs of the equestrian athlete, each session will include a tailored and progressive warm-up, motor control lesson, workout, and cool-down/mobility - targeting the common ache/pain conditions and movement deficiencies we commonly find in our adult equestrian athletes. Each class will build upon the next, such that over the course of the 10 weeks you will progress in strength, motor control, stability, mobility, and endurance in ways that carry over into the saddle as well as everyday life. Weekly sessions will be recorded and posted in our private online community page in case you miss the live session, or want to repeat a workout! The program also includes a virtual community to provide accountability and easy access to coaches with questions/requests. 

2 session / week membership:
 $30 per workout
1 session / week membership:
 $35 per workout
EQFit Am Workout Program


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