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EQFit Virtual -Virtual Fitness Offering

WHAT: Complete virtual training package including a weekly live workout where you will be coached in real time (also recorded), 2 additional programmed workouts per week as well as supplemental resources, workouts, mobility routines, and access to coaches for accountability and assistance via private coaching app. 

This training offering is designed specifically for equestrian athletes to bring riders together from a variety of disciplines to develop strength, coordination, mobility, and endurance required for our sport. Programming is designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy that specialize in the needs of the equestrian athlete to maximize carry over into the saddle. The weekly live workout will focus on building physical strength and fitness in conjunction with mental strength, with a goal of building community amongst the many aspects of our sport and using that community to embrace the athlete mindset. All sessions will be recorded and posted in our private online community page in case you miss the live session, or want to repeat a workout! 2 additional weekly workouts are provided along with 1 day of recommended active recovery, as well as access to a private site with countless supplemental resources, workouts, mobility routines, and more. The program also includes access to our programming app that gives you access to your assigned coach for accountability and questions. 

 $75 per month
EQFit Virtual Workout Program

EQFit Assessment


Virtual or in-person options available

The EQFit Assessment provides riders with a detailed analysis of their mobility, strength, and muscular endurance capacities that commonly impact performance in the saddle, as well as a corrective exercise plan to target the key deficits identified.


Performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, this evaluation begins with a live or virtual assessment in the saddle to provide insights into potentially relevant regions to examine further, followed by a head-to-toe physical evaluation to identify any relevant mobility, strength, or motor control limitations or asymmetries that may be impacting performance. This information is used to create a custom corrective exercise program to specifically target these areas, so riders can be working on these limitations OFF the horse to make time in the saddle that much more effective. Accommodations can be made to complete all parts of this assessment virtually.

EQFit Assessment

Private Virtual Fitness Sessions

Individual or Group/Team Training

Looking for an individualized or team training experience? Great for groups (collegiate teams, barn groups, families) or individuals really wanting to focus on their areas of weakness to reach their goals, or looking for a personalized training experience. For more details, click below to request information on session pricing and availability.

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