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EQFit Virtual Fitness + Mobility 


$22 per month 

100% online

The EQFit Virtual Workout Program provides equestrian athletes weekly workouts and mobility routines designed SPECIFICALLY with the unique needs of the EQathlete in mind...all in a 100% virtual, do anywhere, minimal equipment, maximum efficiency package.


Subscribers can expect one mobility routine and two workouts per week designed to most efficiently target the needs of equestrian athletes of all disciplines. In addition, subscribers will gain access to a library of all previous workouts to supplement their training, as well as access to a private virtual platform housing additional content, providing accountability and support, and giving a space to ask questions about your training, health or fitness.


EQFit Assessment


Virtual or in-person options available

The EQFit Assessment provides riders with a detailed analysis of their mobility, strength, and muscular endurance capacities that commonly impact performance in the saddle, as well as a corrective exercise plan to target the key deficits identified.


Performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, this evaluation begins with a live or virtual assessment in the saddle to provide insights into potentially relevant regions to examine further, followed by a head-to-toe physical evaluation to identify any relevant mobility, strength, or motor control limitations or asymmetries that may be impacting performance. This information is used to create a custom corrective exercise program to specifically target these areas, so riders can be working on these limitations OFF the horse to make time in the saddle that much more effective. Accommodations can be made to complete all parts of this assessment virtually.



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