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A 6-week exercise program designed specifically for the select equestrian athlete


We all know that improving our strength and mobility is beneficial for our health. And we can easily recognize that it goes a long way when it comes to our performance in the saddle. After all, who hasn't heard their trainer yell things like "MORE outside leg" or "pull your shoulders back", and thought "I'm digging as hard as I can!! or "They ARE back!". But let's face it-- making a strength routine fit into the lifestyle of the equestrian athlete can be challenging. It can seem near impossible to find routines that carry over to the demands in the saddle, and it is challenging to know if we are getting the most bang for our buck. Add in the trouble of getting into a routine because of your busy travel schedule, and it's even harder. With this in mind, our team of physical therapists and fitness specialists have designed a program specifically for you. 

Our 6-week SELECT STRENGTH and Mobility program is designed to be done ANYWHERE (motor home approved!), with no equipment necessary, and target the key muscle groups and mobility demands that we rely on in the saddle. The six-week program begins with an initial brief "virtual assessment" with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to talk through your specific goals, needs, and identify any modifications that may be need to be made. From there, you receive access to our virtual workout library, housed with 2 workout videos per week for the entirety of the 6-week program. And don't worry if you get behind, you will keep access to the library so that you can go at your own pace. With the Select Athlete in mind, this program is designed to allow customizations and modifications to make it a suitable workout for all levels of fitness experience.


$69 for virtual phone assessment and program

**Note: You can pay with credit/debit through the "Buy Now" button above by scrolling down below the PayPal login option


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